The restaurant is located in the village of Kvilishori in Tskaltubo region, next to the Prometheus Cave. The restaurant’s interior is designed to satisfy every visitor`s taste.
The main hall of the restaurant is settled in a modern European style, a small room “Marani” is decorated with the attributes of traditional Georgian wine-cellar style of “marani”. “The Hunter” compartment is decorated in the hunting style for those hunting lovers. “The Stalactites” compartment is an imitation of a cave decorated with old fireplace and the items of a primitive man’s household. “The Imereti” compartment`s walls are all painted with old Imereti landscapes. On hot summer days, the tables will be laid for the guests in a lush of a green courtyard.
The restaurant serves traditional Georgian dishes, as well as specialties from the chef.
In the main hall, guests can enjoy Georgian and foreign music in a live performance.