Tskaltubo, one of the most famous spa resorts in Georgia, is located in the central part of the West Georgia, 15 kilometers from the town of Kutaisi. Active holiday season here coincides with summer period. However, natural healing factors provide the opportunity to take advantage of full service throughout the year.

N6 სააბაზანოThermal-radon water of the resort immerses unique medicinal properties – it is treated to over sixty names of diseases. Soft, clear and odorless water is warm by nature – the temperature is 33-35 ° C ,  and it can therefore be used without preheating. The treatment is being carried in complex: patients are appointed mineral baths, therapeutic exercises, classic therapeutic underwater (hydro) massage, physiotherapy, electrotherapy and other treatment, upon their needs. Tskaltubo water is useful in rheumatism, diseases of poliomyelitis, as well as in cerebral palsy.

As a medical place, Tskaltubo  was already known in the 12-13 centuries. In the Charters of the Gelati Monastery, dating back to 1245-1250 years, the area was referred to as “… the baths, adjacent to the village of Maglaki”. The first mentioning of Tskaltubo resort in the European press appeared in 1782, in the “Proceedings of the Berlin Natural History Society”. Since the beginning of the 19th century, the materials about the miraculous mineral water have been intensively printed in press, where the resort was compared to Vildab (Germany) and Teplice (Czech Republic) resorts. In 1920, the resort became the property of the state, and was officially given the status of a Spa- resort.

Over the years the resort was visited by many famous persons. Among them was Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser (July, 1968). The Soviet leader Joseph Stalin had his personal room here, and visited the place on a regular base during the years of 1931- 1951.

 Currently, Tskaltubo has several bath buildings, including Spring # 6, the so-called “Stalin’s spring”, the largest and best-maintained. During the Soviet period up to 30 sanatoriums and rest homes functioned here, including sanatorium “Shakhtior”, which had a throughput of up to 500 campers at a time.


On the territory of Georgia there were found more thanthan 2000 kinds of mineral waters, which locals had been using as a therapeutic for many centuries. Local therapeutic mineral waters cure a wide number of diseases more effectively than any of the strongest drugs. In addition, the effect of the medicinal waters is definitely magnified here , as it is reinforced by the influence of pure mountain air, sunlight and prosperous forests greens.


If it somewhere actually is a real, and not magnificent “Immortality source”, it beats from the depths of the earth in Tskaltubo!  Here people are brought who are exposed to various diseases, often not even able to independently walk. On treatment completion (normally 25 to 30 -day bath-course), their majority simply forgets they arrived on a stretcher. Tskaltubo therapeutic water has been considered a symbol of a healthy lifestyle for years long. No wonder this unique nature`s gift was called the “Immortality source.”

The water`s fruitful influence on the human body has been known since time immemorial. Today, modern medical and rehabilitation equipment makes it possible to treat and prevent various diseases and improve the body tones as never before.

 Tskaltubo resort provides a special technique of receiving baths. The peculiarity is that treatment takes place under the constantly running water (during the procedure mineral water continuously flows into and out of the bath), which allows water to stably retain its physical, chemical and therapeutic characteristics, the uniformity of its own and a constant temperature.

Another natural curative factor has been discovered at the place. And it is a karsts cave microclimate, which (especially that of the “White Cave”), has been successfully used for treatment of hypertensive disease, asthma and neurosis (currently the improvement works are being conducted).

Both children and adults can be successfully treated here!

The recommended duration of the classic spa treatment course is 14 to 21 days.

– “Immortality source”? Kidding?!

– Come to Tskaltubo and you will make sure yourself!

We are pleased to welcome you  to the world`s famous  Tskaltubo Spa Resort!