Among the valleys of the two rivers Alazani and Iori, in eastern Georgia, is situated the beautiful part of Georgia – Kakheti. The captivating beauty of this region since ancient times attracted different enemies.
There is a bewitching beauty.  Mesmerizing beauty… The Caucasian ridges are shrouded in snow; they towered over the region from the north side, and at the same time descend to the valley of Alazani.

The region of Kakheti includes the following municipalities: Sighnaghi, Kvareli Gurjaani, Telavi, Sagarejo, Lagodekhi, Akhmeta. The region occupies 11,380 square kilometers of the total area of the country of Georgia. The population is 409, 5 people. The administrative center of the region is the city of Telavi.
The information about the region can be found even in the ancient historical sources. Kakheti was formed as a separate territorial unit with the assistance of Kakhos son Kartlos.



This region is full of architectural and cultural monuments. Here every stone has its own story. The Interesting and long history has the following monasteries and cathedrals: Gremi, Ikalto, Nekresi, Alaverdi, Bodbe, Shua Mta, David Gareji.
Kakheti since the immemorial time is a region of winemaking. Here, each family can meet guests with delicious wine, which is produced in own cellar. In Kakheti grows different grape varieties, the most famous of them: Rkatsitelli, Mtsvane Kakhuri, Mtsvane Mtsivani.
In the village of Tsinandali, where today is the famous house-museum of Prince Alexander Chavchavadze was bottled first Georgian wine by European standards. To date, at the museum exists a wine cellar, where there is the perfect opportunity to taste different varieties of Georgian wine.
Kakheti is characterized by beauty of nature, historical monuments, and hospitable people. Here, you will be greeted with a good heart; you can taste the delicious and different local dishes and wines. Come in Kakheti, enjoy all its charms.