Recreational facilities in Tskaltubo

  • Lake Side

    Immediately by the Cold Lake, a bar- restaurant "By the Lake" ("Lake Side") is opening soon. You can taste Georgian cuisine here.


    Sataplia State Reserve is located within the villages of Gumbra, Banodzha and Homuli in Tskaltubo municipality, on the mountain of Sataplia, at an altitude of 500 meters above the sea level. It was fo


    The restaurant is located in the village of Kvilishori in Tskaltubo region, next to the Prometheus Cave. The restaurant's interior is designed to satisfy every visitor`s taste. The main hall of the r


    Kumistavi Cave (cave Gliani, cave of Prometheus) is a karsts cave in the West Georgia, in the municipality of Tskaltubo. It is located near the villages of Kvilishori and Kumistavi, in the Kumi River

  • Tskaltubo Museum

    The idea of the opening of the museum appeared in early 1943 of the previous century, but its foundation only became possible in the 50-ies, on the initiative of the local resident, professor Avtandil

  • The Cold Lake

    Earlier , the "Tskaltubo" river used to flow through the park, at the source of which in 1993 a so-called "hydrogeological" construction - the reservoir or "artificial lake" was created. The artifi

  • Carting

    Another entertainment facility opened recently is for carting fans (owner - Merab Arjevanidze) Our Carting spot meets all safety precautions. Allowed are visitors over age of 8 . Address: Tskaltubo