The city Batumi is located 350 km from Tbilisi on a gulf of the Black Sea about 9.5 miles (15 km) north of the Turkish frontier. Batumi is an attractive city and popular resort for people who like sea and relaxation. Many gardens and streets here are lined with exotic plants (palm, bamboo, eucalyptus, magnolia, Laurel). In the north of the city is the Batumi Botanical Garden, with a rich collection of subtropical and tropical plants. Batumi is the centre of tea and citrus-growing area. Summer is very warm and pleasant. It is perfect place for recreation.

Adjara – one of the oldest and most exquisite parts in the western Georgia, extreme south- western part  and  the Black Sea coast . The main city and the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara is a Batumi city.



Batumi is also a port city on the Black Sea coast. Adjara was and still is the southern gateway of Georgia, through Adjara entered in Georgia well-wishers and enemies in the 1st century through Adjara to Georgia came the   enlightener of   Georgia – St, Andrew. In all the ancient sources the Adjara has always been an integral part of Georgia, but by the middle of the second half of the XVI century was conquered by the Ottoman Empire.

Over three centuries of Adjara was a part of the Ottoman Empire, which led to the adoption of Islam among the majority population. Only after the Russian -Turkish war in 1878 Adjara back into Georgia, but its a pretty big part came under the jurisdiction of Turkey under the Treaty of Kars. Adjarian population which living in Turkey 450 years still remember his native language, traditions and customs. Over recent years, many Adjarans who previously adopted Islam, returned to their ancient religion, Orthodox Christianity.

In 1921, during the existence of Soviet system was created the Autonomous Republic of Adjara , which still continues to function . Adjara is divided into two parts: the upper and lower AAR. Upper is a mountain Adjara – allocated mainly Khulo district with its beautiful nature and the lower Adjara differs most beautiful coastline – Gonio Sarpi. The sea here is so clean that it is great request among tourists and the local population is very popular diving. Capital of Adjara and a major port city in Georgia, along the port city of Poti are not only maritime gateway of the country, but also is the main method of transportation of goods in Europe for the countries of the Great Silk Road.